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Set Achievable Business Goals with These 7 Tips

By REDC Business Advisor Kerri Salls

We all know how much easier it is to set goals than to take the action to achieve them. Goal achievement is much harder than goal setting, because the follow through to achieve your goals takes effort and focus. If you are willing to apply these 7 tips to your business goals, success is more attainable!

Typewriter with paper that says 'Goals'

1. Take Smart Action. Once you set a goal, don't be tempted to dilute it to something easier to achieve. Keep the goals big. Instead, step back and simply ask one question: what's the next step? Who told you that you had to know every step to achieve the goal up front? Your job is always to focus on the one next step you have to take to achieve that goal - not the whole plan to get there, just the next step. This keeps you focused, taking concrete action, eliminating fear, procrastination, or being overwhelmed.

2. Be Audacious. That is, be bold, daring, and fearless in your determination and creativity to achieve your goals. It takes the same effort and drive to achieve modest goals as it does to achieve much bigger goals. You will benefit more from goals that massively increase sales, revenue, clients, visibility, etc., than from modest year over year increments.

3. Find The Passion that will drive you to achieve your goals even when you'd rather take a break, or when you hit roadblocks. 'Short term sacrifice for long life success.' It's about choices. The goal must be bigger than you, pulling you forward. We all have days when we are tempted to second guess our dreams and goals. That's when the emotion in the pit of your stomach must be so strong and compelling that you can't walk away, you have to do 'whatever it takes' to achieve it now.

4. Be Committed not just to the goal you set but more importantly to achieving the goal, seeing it realized. That commitment and follow-through is essential. It is a source of drive and inspiration to keep you focused. You will find that commitment when your business goals and your personal core values are aligned.

5. Be Decisive. Take action towards your goals every day.

Theodore Roosevelt said: "In any moment of decision the best thing you can do is the right thing, the next best thing is the wrong thing, and the worst thing you can do is nothing."

On the flip side, my mantra is: 'Procrastination is poison.' If you are tempted to procrastinate, catch yourself and ask: What is one thing I can do right now, even if I can't complete the next direct step? Maybe it's a call, research, review of progress so far to see if there's another way to the next step. That exercise is a process you want to make a habit so you become consistently decisive.

6. Develop Bounce-back-ability. You may call it resilience, resolve, or resourcefulness. It's all about developing a thick skin where your goals are concerned. It's demonstrating (not just talking about) the tenacity of the mantra: 'Failure is not an option.' As a small business owner or the leader of a team, you must lead by example. Everyone is watching you, and how you respond to adversity. It's not how many times you fall down, but how many times you get back up.

7. Ask For Help Early And Often. Don't go it alone. I can attest that this is hard for entrepreneurs; we're very independent by nature. Yet, the sooner you reach out to experts, and ask for help, the faster and easier you'll achieve your goals. REDC is one of those resources.

REDC provides no-cost business advising to businesses in New Hampshire. We can provide in person or virtual meetings and can assist with business advice, financing advice, marketing advice, and graphic design assistance. Learn more about REDC’s Business Advising here.

Apply these 7 tips to transform your results and exceed every goal you set.


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