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Business Advising to help your business thrive.


REDC offers no-cost business advising to start-ups, growing companies, and aspiring entrepreneurs in business plan development, financial planning, and marketing and design planning. 

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We want to see all our clients succeed. Making sure they are equipped with the right tools to grow their business is how we make that happen.

Business Advice

Our Business Advisors will review or help you start a business plan and financial planning. Advising is also available for identifying lending partners, taxation, partnerships, agreements, job creation, and ongoing support post-financing.

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Business plan development 
Business financials 
Financial packaging 

Market research 
Employee guidance
Credit preparedness 

Design Assistance

Growing a business means showing your business in the best possible light. We help with that.


Our Design Advisor provides clients with assistance in developing a logo design, branding, marketing materials, social media development, and website development assistance.

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Design and

Logo & Brand development
Graphic design of marketing

Website design & tutelage
Video creation and editing
Advice on photography

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Advising meetings typically last 60 to 90 minutes and are completely free.

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The Process

For design services, please note: 

How much time we can offer each client is based on need and income level, as our mission of serving low- to moderate-income people is how we determine how much graphic design assistance we can give. We are able to offer graphic design and website design services to some clients that meet our criteria. Businesses who do not qualify for all services can still receive design advisement, resources, and recommendations from an initial meeting. REDC remains committed to helping as many businesses as possible while holding true to our mission. 

Business Advising Examples

REDC loan clients standing in their restaurant.

Zem Zem Mediterranean Restaurant

When Ali Shukur and Huda Hassan arrived from Iraq in 2009 with their daughters, they worked in Manchester, NH, at a restaurant and catering business. They decided to leave that business and start their own: Zem Zem Mediterranean Restaurant, a limited service Middle Eastern restaurant, specializing in cooking halal meat, delicious Mediterranean food, and baked goods. To do this, they needed alternative financing for equipment and working capital, which REDC provided, as well as technical assistance, logo, menu, and website design services. Since opening their doors in January 2019, Zem Zem Mediterranean Restaurant has developed a regular following from Middle Eastern immigrants, as well as local residents and business workers in the area.

Auspicious Brew

Helen is a trained herbalist, seasoned gardener, brewer, and service industry veteran. Auspicious Brew was born from dream to produce vibrant fermented herbal beverages using an extensive understanding of growing and preparing medicinal and culinary plants stems from formal herbal trainings and ongoing practice. 

Auspicious Brew came to REDC initially for business advice and design services from REDC, and eventually became a loan client. Funding provided to Auspicious Brew was for the purpose of renovations, equipment, and working capital, as they opened their unique kombucha brewery in Dover, NH, which has been thriving.

Auspicious Brew Logo, designed by REDC's design Advisor

A Place To Grow

A Place to Grow is a beautiful nature-based school for children ages 6 weeks to 6 years, in Brentwood, NH. This small business has received business advising and lending from REDC. 

In making the step to franchising their business, A Place to Grow wanted to develop marketing videos for franchising. REDC's Design Advisor filmed the owner, staff, and students of A Place to Grow and crafted a video that highlights what it's like in their special environment.

Dunk's Mushrooms Prodcuts & Foraging

Dunk's Mushrooms Products & Foraging received financing from REDC in the fall of 2019 for renovation and equipment costs in their commercial kitchen. Dunk's Mushrooms Products & Foraging is located in Brentwood, New Hampshire. Dunk's Mushrooms Products & Foraging offers mushroom cultivation, foraging, and wildcrafting. They grow gourmet mushrooms and offer wild foraged and mushroom-based products. Dunk's Mushrooms can be found in over 40+ restaurants, four cooperative food stores, and various farm stores. In addition to lending and business advice, REDC has provided Dunk's Mushrooms Products & Foraging with graphic design and website design, and helped to launch a new website and online store in the early spring of 2020.

Screenshot of a website designed by REDC's Design Advisor
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