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Large group of people at the a CEDS visioning session in Derry, NH.

Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy 

A CEDS is a plan that outlines a region's economic development needs and goals. It emerges from a continuous planning process developed with a broad based and diverse community participation that addresses the economic potential of an area. The strategy should promote sustainable economic development and opportunity, foster effective transportation systems, enhance and protect the environment and balance resources through sound management of development.

A CEDS is the result of a local planning process designed to guide the economic growth of a region. REDC has been the keeper of the region's CEDS since 2000. As a result of its diligent planning, REDC achieved designation as the first Economic Development District (EDD) in Southern New Hampshire. The U.S. Economic Development Administration (EDA) bestowed the EDD designation on REDC in 2003. As part of the EDD designation, REDC is awarded funding to continue the important task of planning for our region's economic growth, to include annually updating the region's CEDS.


CEDS 2022 Cover
REDC CEDS 2021 cover art


REDC CEDS 2019  cover art
REDC CEDS 2016 Cover Art


REDC CEDS 2020 cover art
REDC CEDS 2018 cover art
REDC CEDS 2015 Cover Art


REDC CEDS 2020 cover art
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REDC CEDS 2014 Cover Art


REDC CEDS 2013 Cover Art



Community Planning Gathering for CEDS Visioning at REDC

Part of the annual CEDS process includes the development of a Priority Project List for the REDC region. Priority Projects are local or regional development projects and/or studies that meet one or more of the CEDS Regional Goals. Priority Projects must meet one or more of the CEDS Regional Goals. Submitting a project for inclusion on the CEDS Priority Project List is the first step in identifying potential funding opportunities under the U.S. Department of Commerce, Economic Development Administration (EDA). While not all projects meet subsequent requirements for funding under EDA guidelines, the inclusion of projects on the Priority Project List for the region may have a positive effect for a project's possible funding under other federally funded grant sources, such as USDA/Rural Development, HUD and DOL. In addition, a project MUST be on the list to be considered for certain EDA grant opportunities. EDA-funded eligible projects include any public infrastructure or construction project that will ultimately lead to the creation of new private industry jobs.


For more information or to review the projects currently on the Priority Project List, please check out the 2022 CEDS publication.

2023 Priority Project Submission Form


It is that time of year when REDC reviews and updates the CEDS for the region. New Project submittals are due March 10, 2023. Please reach out with questions and/or submit forms to Jennifer Kimball at

Seabrook Seawall Reconstruction Project

The Town of Seabrook, NH held a site walk of the Seabrook Seawall Reconstruction project on the Hampton-Seabrook Harbor. REDC joined project engineer Curtis Chaney of Collins Engineers, Inc. as he outlined the site and project to potential contract bidders. REDC assisted the town of Seabrook with obtaining a Public Works grant from the Economic Development Administration, Department of Commerce for this vital reconstruction project which will restore the pier used by the Yankee Fishermen's Cooperative and NextEra Energy. REDC continues to assist the town with grant administration. 

In this video we had the opportunity to speak with William Manzi III, Seabrook Town Manager, about this important project and REDC's role in making it happen.


CEDS meeting in Exeter, NH
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