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REDC Seeks Organizations to Support the NH New Americans Loan Fund

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The Regional Economic Development Center (REDC) is looking for corporate partners to join in support of the REDC’s 2022 NH New Americans Loan Fund. The fund provides business financing to new American business owners seeking to open or grow their own business and achieve the American Dream.

Since its launch, the New Americans Loan Fund has closed 32 loans totaling $1.277 million, resulting in the creation and retention of dozens of jobs. Some of the clients REDC has helped in recent years have not been eligible for COVID-19 emergency loans and grants, making this program especially important for these business owners.

“Coming to America and opening your own business is very much a part of who we are as a nation,” said Laurel Adams, President of REDC. “Through this program and our corporate partners, the community is coming together to ensure that dream continues for the next generation of new Americans.”

In 2022, REDC intends to apply for a tax credit allocation that allows the organization to recapitalize its New Americans Loan Fund and leverage other resources to provide financing for another round of businesses. REDC is seeking corporate partners to commit to purchasing tax credits in the future or by making direct charitable contributions now.

How It Works

CDFA grants state tax credit awards on a competitive basis to qualified organizations for specific projects or programs through the Community Development Investment Program (CDIP). CDFA looks for innovative projects that show a high degree of community support, that build partnerships, and leverage other funds.

Organizations that want to help support the NH New Americans Loan fund can donate through the CDFA Tax Credit Program. Companies who donate get 75% of that contribution back in the form of a state business tax credit. For example, if a donor makes a $25,000 donation to CDFA on behalf of the NH New Americans Loan Fund, their company will receive a state tax credit in the amount of $18,750. The tax credit may be applied against the donating company's business profits tax, business enterprise tax, and/or the insurance premium tax. The contributing company may carry forward the credit for up to five years, as well as select which business tax and how much of their credit to apply towards their taxes in any given year.

C corps may also be eligible to claim this donation as a charitable contribution, bringing the net costs to approximately $.14 on the dollar.

The NH New Americans Loan Fund is a worthy area of investment that has been recognized for its results. The REDC was awarded the 2019 International Economic Development Council’s Silver Award for Excellence in Economic Development for Economic Equity & Inclusion for the program.

“This is an effective, relatively low-cost way to make a big impact in the New Hampshire business community,” said Adams. “When successful businesses help other, new businesses, we get a strong business community where everyone benefits.”

For companies interested in supporting the NH New Americans Loan Fund through the CDFA Tax Credit Program via a future pledge, or by making a direct donation, please contact REDC President Laurel Adams at 603-772-2655 or For more information on the tax credit program, please visit For more information about the NH New Americans Loan Fund, please visit

About REDC

REDC was established in 1994 as a non-profit economic development organization with a mission to serve new and growing businesses in southern New Hampshire. REDC seeks to promote responsible, sustainable economic development activities within southern New Hampshire by creating jobs for low-to-moderate income people, accessing alternative financing for businesses, and industrial expansion or relocations. These initiatives provide tax relief for communities within the region. REDC also provides start-up and ongoing business advising, which supports businesses as they grow.

For more information, please contact REDC at 603-772-2655 or visit


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