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REDC Releases a Guidebook on Resiliency Planning for Municipalities and Small Businesses

by REDC Disaster Recovery Coordinator Theresa Walker

The pandemic has highlighted the need for local governments and small businesses to be better prepared for long-term disruptions to the economy. In response, the REDC has developed a guidebook filled with best management practices for building greater resiliency to economic disruption, enabling our region to become better prepared for the future.

Cover of resiliency guide by REDC with illustration of main street

Entitled, “Building Economic Resilience in the REDC Region”, the guide is designed as a workbook, with checklists and resources to guide the development of policies and practices that strengthen the ability to respond, adapt, and recover from economic disruptions. Resiliency planning is locally driven, with local governments and the business community having primary responsibility for many resiliency planning decisions, investments, and actions. Building broad, inclusive, and equitable resiliency plans is a shared responsibility and deliberate planning is needed to ensure participation of all members of the community.

Man-made and natural disaster can strike at any time. Without any warning, a disaster can disrupt the operation of government and business, negatively impacting local economies.

Regardless of the disaster, resiliency planning can ensure our communities and our businesses are better equipped to respond, adapt, recover, and create new economic opportunities.

Read REDC's resiliency guidebook here.

Upcoming Workshop

Additionally, REDC is hosting a workshop to learn how to incorporate economic resiliency into daily operations on May 4th at 1pm in our Training Center, located at 57 Main Street, Raymond, NH.

Darren Winham, Economic Development Director for the Town of Exeter will join us to share the changes the Town made to support businesses throughout the pandemic. We’ll also be joined by small business owners who will share the strategies they’ve adopted in response to the pandemic.

To attend, please RSVP here.


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