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Client Spotlight: Dunk's Mushrooms

By Laura Harper Lake, REDC Design Advisor

William Dunkerley, Owner of Dunk's Mushrooms, selling mushrooms at a farmers market
William Dunkerley, Owner of Dunk's Mushrooms. Photo Courtesy of Dunk's Mushrooms

Dunk's Mushrooms Products & Foraging received financing from REDC in the fall of 2019 for renovation and equipment costs in their commercial kitchen. Dunk's Mushrooms Products & Foraging is located in Brentwood, New Hampshire.

Dunk's Mushrooms Products & Foraging offers mushroom cultivation, foraging, and wildcrafting. They grow gourmet mushrooms and offer wild foraged and mushroom-based products. Dunk's Mushrooms can be found in over 40+ restaurants, four cooperative food stores, and various farm stores.

Besides mushrooms, Dunk's Mushrooms Products & Foraging also produces products like mushroom jerky, gourmet mushroom pot pies, mushroom powders, mushroom coffee, mushroom patties, and mushroom soup.

A basket of colorful foraged mushrooms in New Hampshire
Photo Courtesy of Dunk's Mushrooms

In addition to lending and business advice, REDC has provided Dunk's Mushrooms Products & Foraging with graphic design and website design, and helped to launch a new website and online store in the early spring of 2020.

Learn more about Dunk's Mushrooms Products & Foraging at

Grown Mushrooms by Dunk's Mushrooms in Brentwood, NH
Photo Courtesy of Dunk's Mushrooms


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