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Client Spotlight: Auspicious Brew

By REDC Design Advisor Laura Harper Lake

The dedicated entrepreneur behind Auspicious Brew, Helen, is a trained herbalists, seasoned gardener, brewer, and service industry veteran. She had a dream to produce vibrant fermented herbal beverages using their extensive understanding of growing and preparing medicinal and culinary plants stems from formal herbal trainings and ongoing practice as an herbalist in the community.

Auspicious Brew Logo
Created by REDC Design Advisor Laura Harper Lake

From the Auspicious Brew website:

"We consider communing with nature to create a living beverage to be a sacred act. We brew each batch with reverence for the plants and people that have made this possible. With joy in our hearts, we set our intentions to create a superior product that is made to be shared. Each batch is brewed with integrity and authenticity, auspiciously."

Auspicious Brew came to REDC initially for business advice and design services from REDC, and now Auspicious Brew is an REDC loan client. Funding provided to Auspicious Brew helped with renovations, equipment, and working capital, which enabled them to open their own unique kombucha brewery in Dover, NH.

Auspicious Brew's Tasting Room in Dover, NH
Auspicious Brew's Tasting Room in Dover, NH

Over the years as REDC's Design Advisor, I have helped create Auspicious Brew's logo, signage, van decal, and product labels, as well as taught them how to develop and edit a website. I also had the opportunity to photograph their product, merchandise, and beautiful brewery space.

Auspicious Brew was very involved in the collaborative process of creating their branding, guiding the direction of hand drawn and vibrant artwork. They understand the vital importance branding has in connecting the virtues of the product to the eyes of the those who enjoy kombucha.

Helen provided some kind words on her experience working with REDC:

"REDC has been instrumental to helping our business in all areas! From assisting us with developing a business plan, to helping us design our logo and website, to ultimately assisting us with financing. Their staff is extremely professional, knowledgeable, and kind. I cannot say enough positive things about this organization."

We are so pleased how Auspicious Brew has grown we look forward to seeing it grow even more in the future!

Visit this amazing small business at 1 Washington Street, Suite 1103, Dover, NH 03820 and at

Auspicious Brew Brewery in Dover, NH
Auspicious Brew Brewery in Dover, NH


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