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Town of Seabrook Receives $695K EDA Grant for Seawall Repair

The town of Seabrook was awarded a $695,000 grant from the EDA in late September. REDC, with the help of our Economic Development Representative, submitted the successful application to the EDA over the summer after starting the application process back in January. REDC will continue to support Seabrook during the construction project as the grant administrator.

REDC CEDS Planner Jennifer Kimball stated, "The Seabrook Seawall repair project is a critical infrastructure project for Seabrook and the region. The existing wall is failing, and the repairs will allow continued use of both the wharf and the adjacent channel. REDC first recognized this important project in its 2014 CEDS, and identified it as a regionally vital project in 2015. We have been working with the town and the Economic Development Administration on this grant, and we are excited to help Seabrook get this project started."

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