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2020 REDC CEDS Finalized

REDC is thrilled to present the final 2020 Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS), which can be viewed here. The CEDS is a plan that outlines a region's economic development needs and goals. Our 2020 CEDS emerged from a continuous planning process through our winter and spring Visioning Sessions, where we documented diverse community participation that addresses the economic potential of our area.

Many writers and organizations contributed to this document, such a

Community College System of NH's Chancellor Ross Gittell; Rockingham Planning Commission's Theresa Walker; University of New Hampshire's Economics and Management Lecturer Scott Lemos; Consensus Building Institute 's Toby Berkman; Nashua Regional Planning Commission;

Southern New Hampshire Planning Commission; and Strafford Regional Planning Commission.

Thank you to all who contributed, creating a versatile and useful resource for individuals and small businesses in our region.

Physical copies of the 2020 CEDS can be requested via email to

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