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Client Spotlight: Dunia Beauty & Hair

By REDC Design Advisor Laura Harper Lake and REDC Business Advisor Chris Duffy

Nosanya Frank Dunia came to the U.S. from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) in 2013. In the DRC, he was a barber and owned a hair shop. He was referred to REDC by one of REDC’s first New Americans Loan Fund clients, Foresight Tax Services. Dunia wanted to open a hair supply store in Concord, NH, and was seeking assistance in developing a business plan, projections, and funding.

The REDC business advisor directed Dunia in researching wholesale suppliers and pricing for the hair products he wanted to sell. Dunia traveled to Boston and New York City to research hair products supplies and developed a full inventory ordering list, which allowed the advisor and Dunia to develop a budget. The advisor also provided assistance in developing a business plan and in completing and submitting a loan application to the New Americans Loan Fund.

Dunia was awarded a loan and with help from the advisor, found a location in Concord, negotiated a lease, and established his new business, Dunia Hair Products, LLC. Dunia Hair Products opened in September of 2020.

Dunia worked with the REDC design advisor to develop a logo and website, as well as photography of his store and products. Visit the website:


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