Lender Event: How the Regional Economic Development Center can partner with you and your clients.

Please join us for a special lender event at the REDC Training Center this fall, featuring presentations on programs at REDC; what the structure of a funding partnership looks like between local lenders and REDC; and client experiences and success stories. Light breakfast by Pressed for Time Mobile Cafe.


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“We wouldn't exist without the funding, network, guidance and support of the REDC. Laurel and her staff, such as Laura and Chris, have been instrumental in making our passion a reality. In this sparse economic climate, where the notion of funding a start-up is verboden, the REDC was willing to hear our idea, analyze our plan, and provide the capital and network needed to get us from dreaming and planning to working and building.”

Carl Soderberg, Owner 

Able Ebenezer Brewing Company